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🚿 3 expensive things you won’t regret buying

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Thanks to new technologies and sites like Kickstarter, we’re living in a time of incredible innovation. The hardest part is figuring out what is actually worth your time and fits your budget so you don’t have buyer’s remorse. That decision becomes even more difficult when those amazing technologies aren’t cheap and there’s the real possibility you may end up not liking them.

I’ve bought many things over the years that I’ve regretted. The expensive items that didn’t live up to their hype came with the most regret. But there are three things I’ve purchased recently that I have no regrets about.

🚿 Nebia

The Nebia was a Kickstarter campaign that promised to use up to 70% less water than conventional showerheads but provides an amazing shower experience. After using it for several months now, I love this shower system. I love it so much, that I now hate showering with anything else.


🚴 Peloton

I love the experience of running. I run without music and it’s my way of escaping and working off stress. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to run very much because of issues with my achilles. I needed a low impact form of cardio exercise that I could do whenever I wanted. The Peloton caught my attention, but I was worried I would hate being on a stationary bike and the bike seemed really expensive.

I finally decided to buy it as a gift to myself after selling my company. I am now addicted to it. I love the instructors, the music, the giant touchscreen, the bike, the built-in gamification…I love basically everything about it. From a personal health care cost, the bike and monthly fee are dirt cheap.


πŸ’Ύ Drobo

The last item that I’ve been incredibly pleased with is the Drobo 5N. I originally bought it to have a local network drive to backup all of our computers using Time Machine. However, it has become much more than that.

The Drobo 5N has support for apps and can act as a server for a variety of needs. I now run Plex and also Resilio, which provides a private redundant cloud drive for all of my computers and devices.