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Explanation of Life ≥ Bullshit

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Until we understand how anything could exist – the beginning and cause of matter as we know it – there is no reasonable explanation for how or why we exist.

Theology presents an imaginative fabrication of our existence, quenching our mind’s desire to never die. Our inherent superstitious tendencies attempt to accept a metaphysical meaning that has no grounding in reality. Yet, for all human cultures, there is a clinging to folklore, and a suspension of rational and logical thought for explanations that serve three prevalent desires.

  1. We desire to know why we exist
  2. We desire to know the purpose and meaning of events in our life
  3. We desire the ability to live forever.

The latter is experienced by all living animals, in the form of conscious and unconscious survivalism. However, when higher reasoning is introduced – present in all fully-functioning human beings – all three desires become what a psychologist might call unresolved conflict.

Religions provide the most cohesive and tangible answer to these desires. For the religious superstitious, answers provided by religions are logical and reasonable. This is true, but only when considered in ignorance of facts and history, and void of true critical thought.

Science has shown us attributes of our observable universe, and has exposed religious explanations for what they are, complete bullshit. The interesting thing about science is that it doesn’t quench our desires, it only strives to answer them. Science says that we can physically observe a universe that appears to have evolved, and was most likely started by something called The Big Bang.

Science doesn’t explain or offer any factual explanations as to why we exist. It’s not that science doesn’t want to know these answers, because it most certainly does. The reason it takes this position, is because based on our current knowledge, to provide an answer would be greater than or equal to bullshit.