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🪄 Believing what you want versus believing what is true

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It’s important to know why you believe. As a Christian, I believed what I thought to be true. As I came to the realization that what I believed may not be true, my desire for it to remain true kicked in. I wanted there to be a loving God – a savior named Jesus – to care and watch over me. I wanted to believe that as a human being, I was somehow special and would live forever. All of the things that had no proof, I still wanted to be true.

I think many religious people are stuck between what they want to be true, and what they know to be true. It’s a strange place that’s full of functional denial and fortified by the groupthink of socializing with only those of like mind.

It takes great mental fortitude to deny what you want for that which is true. To accept that your desire to live forever is the survivalism of higher reasoning. That your relationship with Jesus is an imaginary friendship. That the supernatural is superstition, revealed through your fears and imagination.

Intelligent, logical and rational Christians believe in spite of what is real, because they want it to be true. It’s only when they remove what they want, and settle for what is true, that they can live free of mental tyranny.