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☎️ How to opt-out of telemarketing calls, junk mail and phone books

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I have yet to meet anyone who loves getting unsolicited phone calls, junk mail or giant phone books on their front porch. Unsolicited phone calls are annoying, junk mail just piles up and gives us even more to recycle, and phone books are useless in the age of the Internet.

Luckily there are resources to help consumers cut down on or eliminate getting those unwanted calls, mail and phone books.

Stopping Telemarketing Calls

The FTC created the National Do Not Call Registry that lets you opt-out of telemarketing calls. While it may not stop all unsolicited calls, it will stop most. And you can report anyone who still calls you via their website.

Reducing Junk Mail

DMAchoice is a tool created by the Direct Marketing Association to help you reduce the amount of junk unwanted mail you get. They allow you to opt-out of credit card offers, catalogs, magazine offers and other advertisements.

You can opt-out (or opt-in) to credit card offers at Their website provides the following request that can be made.

Choosing to opt-out will take your name off of offer lists that are provided by consumer credit reporting companies.

Opting Out of Yellow Pages

Thanks to sites like Google+ Local and Yelp, it’s incredibly easy to find local businesses in your area. And unlike the archaic Yellow Pages phone book, those listings remain up-to-date throughout the year and include helpful reviews. If you want to save yourself the trouble of getting and then recycling a small tree stump, use the Yellow Pages Opt-Out site to have them stop sending you phone books.