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🎵 10 best things to do in Nashville, TN

Written by Jon Henshaw, published on and related to 🛠 Life Hacks

When friends plan to visit Nashville, TN, they often reach out to me to find the best things to do. My list of recommended things hasn’t changed much, so I figured it was time to finally write a post that I could point friends to in the future. This is my list of the best things to do in Nashville.

  1. Broadway: Broadway is Broadway. If you want to drink and dance and listen to live music, that’s the easiest thing you’ll do here. This review is as good as any.
  2. Ryman: If you can time it with a good Ryman concert, that will significantly enhance your trip. If not, hitting a smaller venue like Exit/In or Marathon Music Works can be fun, too, if they have a band you like.
  3. Museums: The museum scene is decent. Especially if you like music history.
  4. Hatch Show Print: You’ll want to check out Hatch Show Print. I can almost guarantee that you won’t leave there without buying a print.
  5. Beer: If you like beer, there’s a decent brewing scene in Nashville.
  6. The Catbird Seat: My favorite fancy pants amazaballs restaurant is The Catbird Seat. The food and experience are absolutely worth it if you can snag reservations.
  7. Margot Cafe: My favorite all-time local Nashville restaurant is Margot Cafe.
  8. Prince’s: Go to Prince’s if you want the original Nashville hot chicken (Hattie B’s is good, but it’s not the original).
  9. Martin’s: Everyone has their favorite BBQ place, but mine is Martin’s. I recommend the dry-rubbed wings with white sauce.
  10. Goo Goo Cluster: Lastly, you can make a custom Goo Goo Cluster which is fun and delicious.